Buggy Lagonas

240.00 BRL (Per Quantity)

Buggy Para Barraca

Buggy event

350.00 BRL (Per Quantity)

The duration of the Tour is around 02h30min. The entire route is along the beach, from Canoa Quebrada to the beaches: Estevão, Porto Canoa, Majorlândia, Quixaba, Refúgio Dourado, Lagoa do Mato, Fontainha, Retininho, Retiro Grande to Ponta Grossa. Each of the beaches has a particularity and beauty that is worth knowing. During the tour you can see a change of colors on the cliffs showing the different minerals and rock formations that nature has sculpted over the years.

More Info: (88) 99965-7192

Paragliding 15 min

150.00 BRL (Per Quantity)


Tandem flights are carried out in the square of Igreja São Pedro, at the end of Broadway street. The wind is a decisive factor for flying properly. Usually the flight is being made in the afternoon.


130.00 BRL (Per Quantity)

1,5 hora

85 99827 7256

Tranferir Aeroport Fortaleza => Canoa Quebrada

80.00 BRL (Maximum occupancy)

Tranferir Canoa Quebrada => Aeroport Fortaleza

80.00 BRL (Maximum occupancy)